Where I’m At Now

I went to Disney World a few weeks ago and had to share a picture with the world (or my 150 instagram followers) of the awesome Mickey Manicure I gave myself. That’s right, I willingly shared a picture of my hands to everyone. Those nails took 2 hours of my life that I’ll never get […]

Months Later and Things Are Handy Dandy

A few people have asked how my hands are doing now that’s it’s been over seven months since I finished up my last procedure on my right hand. I just wanted to write a quick update to say that I am still very happy with my results. I was very lucky to heal quickly. My […]

And the pins come off!

I had the pins removed almost two weeks ago. Sorry for the delay. The fourth time around the OR you begin to run out of things to write about. My pin removal was at 9:30 this time. I was glad I didn’t have to starve all morning before hand. I tried to not be super […]

One Month To Go!

I had an appointment a couple weeks ago. Apologies for not writing sooner, it was one of those quick in and out of New Jersey appointments so I was quite tired the whole time. I really hate 7:00 AM flights, especially when you have to go straight to work afterwards. I was going to stay […]

Infection Blues

Last week I was cursed with what seems to me the one-month-post-op-infection. The same thing happened with my left hand. Luckily I don’t think it was quite as bad this time around, but I still was in some pain for a few days and back to popping pain pills after work and to sleep. It […]