Who has 10 fingers and has been super lazy about updating?



Once my fingers got more mobile I took them on the road and didn’t bother to bring my computer along with me, so I am due for one really big update.

It took me a long time to get out of my splint. I scheduled my x-rays to be taken after my first physical therapy appointment about 2 weeks after my pins were removed on my 25th birthday. I woke up at 7:30 in the morning for PT and x-rays and was so excited. I assumed that I’d get my x-rays taken in the morning, have them zapped over to Dr. R in New York via the super powers of the internet, he’d glimpse at them for a hot second and I’d be splint free in time to get drinks for my birthday that night. It took a tad longer than that.

My first Mani with decals!

My first Mani with decals!

Even though I told my x-ray technicians over and over again that these x-rays needed to go to New York, it took me actually overnighting them via UPS for them to get there. Apparently the magical technology of e-mail that dentists use to get x-rays of teeth from place to place does not exist for doctors. This would have been fine had I known that, but instead I went to work thinking that my x-rays were floating their way to the Big Apple and told Dr. R to look for them. I waited all day Wednesday and all day Thursday thinking that maybe Dr. R had been too busy operating to check out my digits. On Friday I decided to try to make sure he had actually received them. That’s when I found out one of  the top rated hospitals in the country (the teaching hospital connected to my Alma Mater even!) was just sitting on my x-rays. They had gotten one of their doctors to read the x-rays but even the reading was not sent out. Finally, after solving the mystery of what the hospital did or didn’t do with my x-rays, they sent out a CD-rom (what is this, the stone age???) via snail mail to Dr. R. I was starting to get a splint tan at this point, so after work I rushed to the hospital before the library of x-rays closed to pick up my own copy and pay about 60 dollars to ship it overnight so that I could make sure Dr. R saw the x-rays that Monday. The next week I finally received word that I could stop wearing the splint. The one good thing was that I was not very worried at that point about easily hurting my hand.

It’s been so great, finally being free of splits and pins. Physical therapy has been going really well. I think I only have one more session in a couple weeks. I went once a week throughout May and made really great progress. My grip strength is only 4 pounds short of what it was before the surgery and I have great flexion and extension. Plus I think this scar looks better than the first. I have to be careful in the sun this summer and apply lots of sun screen.

What break?

What break?

I saw Dr. R for the last time, fingers crossed, last week. He actually told me to get a manicure before the appointment because he would be taking pictures! I was intending to anyway, but that made my family and me laugh. I wonder if one day my hands will be  a case on his website. He told me to send him a picture if I ever got a nice rock of my finger. It might be a while before that happens, but later that week my parents did buy me a silver ring at Tiffany!

"I'm just crazy about Tiffany's!"

“I’m just crazy about Tiffany’s!”

While in New York, my mother and I went to go see Kinky Boots on Broadway. It was a great show and it felt fantastic to be able to give it the applause it deserved. After my first surgery on my left hand, we went to see Wicked and aside from feeling lousy because it was 2 days after my surgery, I also couldn’t clap at all. It’s amazing the things you take for granted that your hands do for you. Simple things like hand washing clothes, braiding hair, hammering a nail, and cutting food become very challenging when your hand is stiff,in pain, and has open wounds. And now I’m back to appreciating the bigger things I couldn’t do like riding a bike and playing golf too! Plus my golf glove finally fits :).


4 thoughts on “Who has 10 fingers and has been super lazy about updating?

  1. I just read your whole blog again and it is a great story, creatively written and I hope an inspiration for others. I’m so glad everything turned out well.

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