One Month To Go!

I had an appointment a couple weeks ago. Apologies for not writing sooner, it was one of those quick in and out of New Jersey appointments so I was quite tired the whole time. I really hate 7:00 AM flights, especially when you have to go straight to work afterwards. I was going to stay longer and meet my brand new nephew, but he had other plans and took his time being born. So now I will get to meet him in a month from now when I get my external fixator removed. I was very relieved when the doctor told me it would be six more weeks. I had started to worry he might decide it should be longer, since I had turned more slowly this time. But it’s pretty much the same timeline as before which means it’s possible I’ll be fixator and splint free by my birthday the first week of May!

Today I even made an appointment to have a splint made in New York the day after my surgery. I couldn’t make it for the day of, because I won’t know what time I’ll have my surgery. I hope my physical therapist doesn’t mind that I’ll be cheating on her. In case you were wondering I’ve now had a total of five splints. I think at the end of this whole ordeal I’ll line up all the weird things I’ve had to take care of my hand and take a picture of it. Most recently my physical therapist has just had me wrap velcro around my finger and wrist to help extend my ring finger. It’s hanging quite low and I have a lot of scar tissue which worries me a bit. Here’s the x-ray of my hand from 2 weeks ago. You can see the bone filling in!   IMG_1032IMG_1037

I also had my doctor office photoshoot. Dr. R was quite impressed with my matching nails and fixator. I wonder if one day I’ll see my pictures up on his practice’s website. Then I’ll know I’ve really made it.

Two more things: I just tried to open a bottle of saline, but the lids messed up (I swear it’s not because my hand is broken) and I can’t get it open. This is quite frustrating, because I have a whole bottle of saline yet I can’t get to it. Oh the agony. On a happier note I got my short term disability sorted out and even managed to get my right hand covered under the same claim as my left so I had to use less sick days than I initially thought I would be using.


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