Broken hands, Broken insurance companies

I haven’t updated in a while. I had a doctor’s appointment a week and a half ago and so far things are going fine. No infection yet which is great. I wonder if that has anything to do with the weather, it’s so dry here so maybe my wound dries faster after I clean it? I’m probably just crazy, but the skin around the wound seems to be a lot drier and there isn’t any open skin besides at the pin sites even though I’ve been turning.

Day 10 of Turning

My flexibility also isn’t bad. It’s getting worse now that I’ve been turning for a while but I can still bend the finger quite a bit and I haven’t noticed a need for buddy tape. My physical therapist modified my straightener so that I could get a tighter grip more easily. I was so happy when she came up with that solution because that was struggling with especially when I wanted to try to curl my hair which involves a lot of wrist movement and gripping.

Straightener modification, made with a foam tube cut in half and stretchy gauze

Straightener modification, made with a foam tube cut in half and stretchy gauze

Differences from last time are that I have pain in the palm of my hand, especially when I open doors, turn faucets, stupidly try to nail paintings to the wall. I think it might be because the pins are a little bit deeper or that I just use my right hand for more.

The other big difference is Prudential, my short term disability company, has been a huge pain in the ass. I didn’t qualify this time because I accidentally went back to work a day too soon and the jerks there only try to make your life miserable. I have yet to be able to get a comprehensive understanding of what their policies are there because they constantly give me contradictory information and they make it so hard to file a claim, thus the reason I worked a day sooner than I should have. Try calling them and reporting a claim if you don’t believe me when I say they are terrible. You have to sit through the longest menu ever and then dial in your life history before talking to a real person, not that the real person is ever helpful. I hate how user unfriendly insurance companies aim to be. On top of it all I’m out of sick days sooner that I thought I would be. All of this is making me bitter which is why I haven’t posted. I was waiting to see if they would approve my claim but they didn’t so now I have to appeal it and if that doesn’t work, take them to court. They really know how to treat someone with a broken hand. Prudential sucks.


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