New Year, New Hand

Well I definitely enjoyed my time without a fixator. For the past couple of months I’ve been fixator free and it’s been so nice I’ve almost forgotten all the troubles and pains associated with having an external fixator in your hand, especially early on. Not to worry though, because I’ll have my memory refreshed tomorrow for Surgery Number 2 (or is it Number 3, does the external fixator removal really count?). That’s right, the time has come to lengthen the fourth metacarpal on my right hand.

I’m not sure if knowing what to expect makes it better or worse. I know what I’m not looking forward to, but I also know that I can get through it and figure out how to do things and in the end I’ll be happy with the results. Here’s how the left hand’s doing:

About 10 weeks after fixator was removed

About 10 weeks after fixator was removed

Everyone is telling me the scar is looking much better. Wonder what it will look like in a year from now. I guess it’s still the unknown that still makes me the most nervous. Since this is my dominant hand this time, it’s bound to be more challenging. Will I even be able to write? For the first few days my right hand will be bandaged and in a sling, but I’m hoping that once it’s released I’ll figure out how to do things with that hand still. For one thing, I don’t want to lose flexibility to the extent that I did with my left hand. Getting it back was not fun. I already have physical therapy appointments lined up for the second and third week after my surgery. We’ll also be working on my left hand strenght. My physical therapist made fun of me for having a weak left hand grip so I’ve been bulking up with this:

Set to 30 lbs currently!

Set to 30 lbs currently!

As much as I claimed to miss my fixator when they took it off, I got over it. I definitely enjoyed my time off over the holidays. I managed to go ice skating, get a few work out classes in, and even went bowling last night. Bowled a 116 even! At least this time around I won’t be missing out on beautiful weather and by the time it starts getting nice the fixator should be coming off. I’m really hoping by my 25th birthday in May I’ll be done with it all, but I’m not sure if I’ll make the deadline. Based on my left hand it will be right around then.

Well here’s a picture of my right hand before the surgery. My mom took me in for a manicure so that I wouldn’t have to deal with trimming my nails for a little bit. She also knit me fixator gloves! I’ll model  them for you after the surgery.

Before the surgery

Before the surgery

I’m debating whether I should stay awake for the surgery. It certainly would make for an interesting blog entry, but do I have the stomach for it? I might just be too tired to want to stay awake. The surgery’s scheduled at 8:45 with a be-at-the-hospital-time of 6:45. I’m hoping it’s the same anesthesiologist and everything so I know what to expect. Not sure when I’ll be writing again, but I’ll check back in with post-op pictures and details of whether I stayed awake for the surgery when I figure out how to type again. Maybe Dr. R will let me hold a scalpel. I was a candy striper once after all.


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