Ex Fix & the City

ImageWe spend our lives waiting, in lines, on hold, in waiting rooms. As I spent another three hours waiting to see my doctor today I couldn’t help but wonder, what are we really waiting for it and is it worth it?

Okay that’s my horrible Carrie Bradshaw impression to go with the corny blog title today. But to answer her ponders, the wait was definitely worth it! It’s been nine weeks with the external fixator and I had another appointment in New York today. It was another long wait at the doctor’s office, but more of it was spent in an exam room than the waiting room and I caught my plane at the end of the day so it all worked out fine.

New bone shown on the left vs. giant gap from last month on the right

New bone shown on the left vs. giant gap from last month on the right

I was nervous for this appointment, because I haven’t had an x-ray since a couple days before I stopped turning. Back then there was just a giant gap in my hand so it seemed hard to comprehend how my body was going to fill it in. I’m not sure if it’s the bone stimulator or that I have super bones or that age 24 is still early enough to heal well but that gap is now filled in with the beginnings of bone! I was so happy to hear that and to actually see it, too. I’m right on schedule to get the external fixator off in the end of October, right before Halloween. Guess I won’t have to go as a robot anymore.

Plus Dr. R was really happy to see the range of motion I’ve regained in my finger. He showed me off to a couple colleagues and interns. He said I wouldn’t need to have my tendons released and to just keep working hard at PT. I’m excited to tell my physical therapist tomorrow. I didn’t have time to bring her back a cupcake for her birthday, which is tomorrow, so the good news first thing 7:30 AM will have to suffice as my birthday present to her.

And most importantly I finally made my modeling debut. Dr. R complimented my personal style choices for my external fixator and took pictures of my hand. Glad I decided to get that manicure beforehand so that I was camera-ready! The manicurist was so terrified she was going to hurt me, but she was really gentle and it turned out great. It actually was probably less painful for her to file my nails then when I tried to do it, because she could use her other hand to steady the finger and keep it from being bumped uncomfortably.

Well, back to PT and work tomorrow. I can’t wait to wrap up in my cozy orange sweatshirt at work.


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