Turn! Turn! Turn!

It’s day 4 of turning the fixator, which means I should have grown 2 mm. I go back and forth between convincing myself I can see the difference and having nightmares I’m turning it the wrong way and the finger is actually getting shorter. I’ve been taking Tylenol 2-3 times a day for pain. Turning itself doesn’t hurt, but usually a little bit later it starts to ache and then the skin is a little sore too. I’m thinking I might start diluting my pin care solution so it’s more saline than hydrogen peroxide to at least prevent irritation at that end.

So I’m back in St. Louis now. Getting here was interesting. There was a huge line of boy scouts at check in for Southwest. I was not prepared for that. Luckily my mom had told them I needed extra assistance so I got to skip the line to check bags. Plus, my mom got to go through security with me. Of course she forgot to take her cellphone out of her pocket, ultimately slowing things down. I traveled with my sling on so no one would give me a hard time about my external fixator and it would be evident that I couldn’t lift things and needed help. I got to go through the normal metal detector instead of the annoying scanny thing and I didn’t set it off! That was a nice surprise.

For boarding, I along with 20 or more ladies in wheelchairs (most of which were not wheelchair bound) got to preboard. I never figured out why so many women in wheelchairs were going to St. Louis. My uncle was waiting to pick me up when I landed. That was a great help, because I packed way more than I could carry with one arm. He told me my aunt had hurt her knee the day before, so when we went to brunch I wasn’t the only crippled one struggling about. It was nice to be greeted by family in St. Louis after spending a whole week at home.

Today was my first day back at work. I mainly played catch up, reminding myself what I had been working on, but some of the typing I did in the afternoon was not pleasant (nor is this typing pleasant). I have a physical therapy appointment on Thursday. I was advised by multiple  people, including physical therapists, to find someone that knew something about hands since most PTs do not. They have a dedicated hand center at Barnes Jewish so I hope that does the trick! My followup appointment in New York is only a week and a half away so I have to make sure I don’t lose any mobility before then or my doctor will be disappointed in me (And it’ll be harder to move my hand once it’s better, that too.)


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