Vodka’s a clear liquid, right?

Surgery day is tomorrow! I’ve just been packing up my clothing and things for tomorrow and sorting through all the paperwork I’ve acquired from work, the insurance companies, and the hospital.

I’m both nervous and excited. My surgery is first thing tomorrow morning at 8 AM, which means I have to be at the hospital at 6 AM, which means the alarm is set for 4 o’clock! I’m glad I have the first surgery because I wouldn’t want to be fasting for longer than I have to. They said I can have clear liquids up until 5AM. I think that means I won’t be having general anesthesia, which I’m pleased about. 

I flew into New Jersey yesterday afternoon, which worked out quite nicely. Friday night I was able to get one last game of volleyball in with my friends before going back to clean up my room and do some laundry. Then I grabbed drinks with a friend who was in town and it was very nice to get to see him again. Saturday I got a nice bike ride in around the park. Some guy stopped to tell me my seat was too low and asked if I was training for something. Haha!

It was so hot walking to the metro stop when I was ready to go the airport and then when I was almost there I realized I forgot my bathing suit, which I really wanted for my last pool day. I trekked back to my apartment and ending up taking a cab. The flight was only slightly delayed and not terribly unpleasant. Actually had a whole row to myself despite being late to check in!

Today I played 9 holes of golf with my parents, pretty badly, but I had some satisfying shots. I need to work on putting, which maybe I can still do after the surgery. I then spent the rest of the day at the pool with my mom and sister. I’ll definitely miss the pool. My mom’s been saying she’ll make me some waterproof contraption so that I can still go swimming, but it says on the doctor’s website that you can’t swim for a month after surgery, so I don’t think he’ll think this is a good plan, not that my mom has invented one yet. Well, I should probably get some sleep. Big day tomorrow!


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