I can count the days until my surgery on my fingers and toes! Well sorta…

20 days until my surgery! I guess it’s time I write another update. Things have been happening related to my surgery but very slowly. My doctor got me in touch with the woman who had the procedure performed on three of her fingers and we e-mailed a bit. It was good to talk to someone who went through what I’m about to be going through. I filled out my medical leave form at work and today I sent my check in to the doctor. That’s the biggest check I’ve ever written! But I also got a letter in the mail from my insurance saying that the procedure is covered. That was a nice surprise, especially because I hadn’t yet applied for it yet. 

As the big day approaches I’m definitely getting nervous. Partially about transportation between cities and missing days from work, partially about the effects the surgery will have on my life. I booked a flight to New Jersey for the Saturday before my surgery and after not being able to get a definite date for my first follow up appointment I gave up and scheduled a flight back home on the following Sunday. Fingers crossed that my first appointment falls in that week. I already had a bit of a scare after booking my flight in, when I learned that the doctor’s office scheduled my pre-op appointments for the Friday before my surgery in New York City. Seeing as I won’t be there yet making the appointment was going to be a bit of a challenge, but I worked it out to have my pre-op clearance in St. Louis next week as I thought I would.

Other than that I’m just a bit nervous about how having the external fixator will affect my life. This summer has been a lot of fun so far. I’ve gone rafting, played kickball and volleyball, gone biking, gone to outdoor yoga and pilates classes and even managed to get a round of golf in after spontaneously buying some old clubs off Craig’s List. It makes me sad that so many of the activities I enjoy will probably have to be put on hold. At least I’ll still be able to stay active, just not with the methods I prefer. On the bright side I’ll probably finally have a good excuse to refrain from doing planks!


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