The Countdown Begins

I scheduled my first surgery for July 22, 2013. That seems like such a long way away but I’m glad that I’ll have a bit of summer in which I can go to the pool and get in some summer sports. And by Thanksgiving I should have one normal hand, external fixator free (fingers crossed)!

I told my boss and HR this week also, which was something I was worried about, it seems for no big reason. My boss was very nice about it and just asked to keep him posted and HR told me to come back a month before hand to fill out paperwork. I didn’t tell them many details, partly because I don’t know exactly how much I’ll be able to be work and what days I’ll be out. I also haven’t explained what type of surgery I am having. I don’t want people to worry too much about me, but I’m also not ready to go into depth about my hands with everyone. I guess I can qualify that it’s orthopedic surgery to people so they won’t be too concerned without accidentally trivializing something that is a very big deal to me. Of course once I have the surgery keeping details to myself will be a bit more challenging. I’m not sure if I should tell any of my coworkers about it yet. We are already planning projects for this summer so my availability might be of some importance.


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